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Dr. Diego Armando Franco, specialist surgeon trained in the most recognized schools of Argentina and Brasil in the fields of Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. With subspecialty and expertise in Hand and Upper Limb surgery, Phlebology – Linphology and a fellowship with concentration area of study in Reconstructive Microsurgery. Since the beginnings of Dr. Franco´s training in general surgery passing through Reconstructive surgery and delving into the most delicate techniques of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Microsurgery.


It is a pride to recognize that our patients have been satisfied with the work done and this has been a reason to continue the beautiful office of surgery.


Edificio Medical – Calle 7 No. 39 – 107 – Consultorio 1305
(04) 268 81 28 ó (+57) 321 873 68 82

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Parque Médico – Carrera 23c No. 62-06 – Consultorio 404
(06) 881 09 33 ó (+57)  311 371 16 16

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Consistent and consistent work, in strict compliance with the principles, is reflected in relationships based on the trust of the different interest groups with which the doctor interacts.

``The true human existence is, today, an aesthetic existence.``

``Beauty begins with the decision to be oneself.``

``The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.``