Phlebology is the study of veins and in field practice, it refers to the specialty to which people with varicose veins or its complications, such as varicose vein rupture or varicose ulcer, consult.
In our country, phlebology has been a field in general surgery practice. In such way, surgeons operated in other pathologies other than phlebology and thus, dedication was not exclusive. Nowadays, such procedures are treated by board certified specialists in this area.

  • Endoluminal- ecoguided LASER saphenectomy
  • Venous insufficiency surgery  ( varicose veins )
  • Maleolar ulcer surgery
  • Haemodynamic cure for venous insufficiency ( CHIVA Technique)
  • Vascular Telangiectasies (spider veins). Sclerosis via Foam and LASER
  • Deep venous system surgery